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All about the Different Types of Bath Towels

It's important to recognize the difference between bathroom towels, from their different sizes to their unique purposes. To make the most of your bathroom’s best towel sets and ensure that they last as long as possible, read this guide to learn about different towels’ typical sizes, uses, and materials.

What Types of Towels Are There for the Bathroom?

Face Towels

The face towel is the smallest in the family, measuring 30 × 30 cm on average. If it wasn't clear enough from the name, it’s typically used to wash your face and body in the shower. To prevent the transmission of germs from other towels, use them to pat your face dry after washing.

Bath Mats

Although not technically a towel, a bath mat absorbs any water on the bathroom floor, preventing any slips or falls. The ideal material for a bath mat is 100% cotton since this material is quite absorbent and also dries very quickly.

Hand towels

Hand towels in a set are typically 50 x 90 cm in size, slightly larger than face towels. Cotton hand towels sets are a must-have for their absorbency and softness, perfect drying the delicate skin on your hands. Hang a few on a bar or place them beside the sink so you can easily dry your hands.

Bath Towels

Towels that are 70 x 125 cm in size are considered large enough to be bath towels. Bath Towels like this are essential for drying off after a bath or shower. Towels may be made from various materials, ranging from synthetic fibers to pure cotton, depending on your preference. Synthetic fabrics, such as microfiber, are incredibly absorbent, while rayon from bamboo towels are naturally hypoallergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are the largest when it comes to bathroom towel size. The dimensions start from around 100 x 150 cm. The bath sheet is the bath towel's bigger relative and its primary difference is size between the two. Because of its size, bath sheets may provide additional warmth and absorbency after a shower or bath. They also come in handy as the best beach towels to use because of their size.

What Fabric of Towel Should You Choose for Your Bathroom?

Synthetic Fiber made Towels

Depending on your requirements, the towels mentioned above are available in various fabrics. Synthetic fiber towels come in a wide range of absorbency and softness levels, although natural fibers tend to be softer. You can get the best towel sets from Home City Inc. at affordable prices.

Towels made of Egyptian Cotton

With Egyptian cotton, you'll get the best possible grade of cotton. Long, thick loops make them incredibly absorbent, while offering cloud-like softness on your skin. Because of their luxurious feel, these towels tend to be a bit more costly.

Cotton Towels Made from Pima Cotton

Towels made from Supima cotton, often known as Pima cotton, are also an option. The same plant that produces Egyptian cotton is used to produce these towels. However, they are cultivated in the southwest United States. Strong and absorbent, Pima cotton is well-known for its quality. The lengthy strands make it more durable and reduce the likelihood of lint buildup. Most hand towel sets are made of Pima cotton because of how well they dry the delicate skin on your hands.

All-cotton Turkish Bath Towels

Turkish cotton towels are soft and luxurious, using the same long cotton fibers as Egyptian cotton towels. They are, however, a little less absorbent but still pleasant. As a result, this material is best suited to areas with a lot of humidity.

Bamboo Bath Towels

A combination of bamboo and cotton is more prevalent than a pure bamboo towel. As a fabric, bamboo is pliable and very absorbent. Bamboo fabric is also naturally pest-free and antibacterial, perfect for keeping your bathroom pristine.

Towels Made of Microfiber

Lightweight and absorbent, microfiber towels are a great option. Thanks to the microfibers' polyester and polyamide combination, you may use this towel to effortlessly remove grime, oil, and makeup without chemicals.

towel sets

Are There Enough Bath Towels in My House?

The number of residents in your home will dictate how many bath sheets, bath towels, and face cloths you should keep on hand. You should aim to make sure you have enough for two of each type of towel per resident. When one of them is in the wash, they will always have the other at hand. You should also always have extra on hand in case of laundry or unexpected guests.

Now You Know How to Take Care of Towels

Now you know how to properly care for your towels, an important skill to have for keeping your bathroom well cared for. Check out the wide range of ultra-soft and stylish towels at Home City Inc. now!

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