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How to Choose the Perfect Beach Towel

At first glance, picking a beach towel seems like a simple process. You might think you just need to pick a fun design at an affordable price, and you’re ready to hit the beach. You’d be surprised to learn that there is a lot more to consider than just appearances and cost.

Let’s dive in.

Beach Towel Basics

You might be wondering why there are so many specifications necessary when choosing a beach towel. After all, a towel is a towel, right? How different could a beach towel be from, say, a bath towel? The thing is, they are quite different. Every type of towel has a different function which changes what qualities are important to look for. For example, you would never take a kitchen towel to the beach. Let’s discuss the different specifications necessary for a great beach towel and how to choose the right one for you.

Is It Absorbent?

Finding a towel with absorbency is necessary for the perfect beach day. Beach towels do more than just dry you off; they act as the barrier between you and the sand. Lying on a damp towel is more than just uncomfortable; it also clogs the towel with sand. It’s best to find a towel that absorbs water and doesn’t stay dripping wet. Cotton or terry cloth blends do a magnificent job at drying speedily and keeping you comfortable.

How Soft Is It?

When you’re lying in the sand for hours under a hot sun, it’s important to do whatever possible to make yourself comfortable. A soft towel to lie down on will help you in this aim. Cheap towels may seem like a good option but often feel scratchy and irritate the skin. When choosing a material for softness, velour and cotton are tried and true picks.

What Is It Made Out Of?

Cotton is a popular choice when it comes to beach towels because it’s soft, durable, and easy to care for. Turkish Cotton towels are also a popular choice for beach towels because they are quick-drying and lightweight, perfect for toting around and wrapping yourself in after a swim in the ocean.

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Is It Big Enough?

Make sure that your beach towel is an appropriate size. There is nothing more irritating than hanging halfway off your towel and getting covered in sand. To have a reference on the ideal measurements, aim for a width of 28” and a length of around 60”. If you’re taller than the average person, a beach blanket may be a better alternative.

How Thick Is It?

Surprisingly, a towel doesn’t need to be extra thick to be comfortable. In actuality, a towel too thick will take a long time to dry and be hard to store in your beach bag. Thinner towels are easier to shake the sand off of and will easily fit in whatever beach bag you bring.

Does It Look Good?

An attractive design is an important element of a beach towel. Bright colors and interesting designs match the festive, exciting vibe of the beach. Not only that, but they don’t attract as much heat as dark colors do. You want to choose a charming beach towel that you’re excited to spread out.

Beach Towel Styles and Trends

Beach towels are traditionally rectangular and bright in color, like yellow, pinks, and blues. There are also some interesting options and shapes that stand out from the rest. Here are some of our favorites.

Round Beach Towels

Round beach towels are a fun and charming new trend. They are usually much larger than a typical beach towel, making them the perfect choice for a beach picnic or for lounging on the sand with a friend.

Round beach towels usually come in boho styles, like our popular floral mandala style.

Striped Towel

Another classic style is the striped beach towel. This style has been a classic staple for years with its charming multi-colored design. Wide stripes in particular are dazzling and unique, like the towel offered here by Home City Inc.

Beach Mat

A beach mat is essentially a beach towel with an added layer of foam. You could think of it as the combination of a beach towel and a yoga mat. These mats roll up for easy storage and are known for their added comfort.

Bold Prints

Bold prints are a fun way to add some individuality to your beach trip and make your beach towel stand out among the rest. Bright stripes, interesting motifs, and symbols are all fun ways to add an interesting conversation piece.

Chaise Lounge Cover

If you prefer to sit on a beach chair instead of a towel, chaise lounge chair covers are a great alternative to a beach towel. These covers attach to your chair, so you don’t have to worry about them sliding down and getting covered in sand.

Replace Your Beach Towel Periodically

Beach towels can lose their absorbency over time which can leave you feeling damp and sticky. If your beach towel seems less soft, vibrant, and absorbent, it’s time to replace it, as they say, out with the old in with the new.

Now that you’ve learned some great tips on how to choose the perfect beach towel, you’re ready to hit the sand. Shop our line of vibrant beach towels now!

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