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What to Look for When Buying a Beach Towel

If you plan on being by the water in any capacity this summer, you need a beach towel. Beach towels have a variety of purposes, including serving as a tanning-bed, blanket, and cover-up. High-quality beach towels need to be sturdier than regular bath towels because they handle more wear and tear, including damage from the sun, chlorine, and saltwater.

It’s important to choose the right beach towel that not only is comfortable but also dries quickly and is easy to maintain. We’ll discuss what to consider when buying a beach towel below.

Here’s what to look for when purchasing the perfect beach towel for summertime.

Size of Beach Towel

A generous sized towel is better for lounging and covering up and also makes lying down in the sand easier by supplying you with plenty of room to stretch out. Beach towels are typically made to be larger than the average bath towel for this exact reason.

The best beach towels are typically 60 inches wide x 30 inches long, and can go up 70-80 inches in length for those who prefer an oversized towel when lying on beach sand or by the pool.


When it comes to beach towels, you should search for those with a sand-resistant quality so you can stay comfortable and keep your car, home, and body free from sand after a trip to the beach. The range of high-quality beach towels at Home City Inc. are thick, absorbent, and luxurious and feature a soft velour side thats carefully sheared to resist sand. Velour is a great fabric for beach towels since they don’t have long fibers for the sand to stick to. Simply give it a gentle shake once you are done soaking in the sun. Think of how much vacuuming you will save yourself with this single easy purchase.

Colors and Design

Since beach towels are an accessory you carry around while in your swimsuit, they should be eye-catching and attractive. People usually opt for darker shades and patterned designs because the light-colored fabrics stain more easily. Themed towels with graphics or intricate designs are are commonly chosen for beach towel designs. Beach towels can be a fashion statement and a way of expressing your personality. However, do not forget to look beyond design and go with the right size and absorbent fabric.

Comfort and Absorbent Quality

Your first impulse may be to choose the most attractive beach towel, but it’s important to take functionality into account. Consider how absorbent the towel is, so that you can be dry and comfortable after a long day of swimming. Thicker towels tend to be more absorbent and provide warmth and comfort when your skin is wet. Cotton towels are great for absorbency, especially Turkish and Egyptian Cotton.

Fabric of Beach Towel

Traditionally, towels were constructed with Terry Cloth, which is a fabric that is woven into small loops that sop up water easily. Loops can be made into either shorter or larger loops. Short loops won't catch on sharp edges like rocks, sun loungers, or seashells, which makes the towel last longer and remain snag-free.

Another option is yarn dyed fabric, which keeps vibrant beach towels bright for a more extended period of time. This is because yarn-dyed fabrics are colored before they are woven into a garment and are likely to outlast piece-dyed and printed fabrics. Since beach towels are outside in the sun most of the time, color longevity is something to consider.


These key takeaways will help you choose the right beach towel so you can hit the beach or pool with ease. When buying a towel that looks good, don’t forget to consider the functionality of a high-quality beach towels. Browse through Home City Inc’s beach towel collection here and dry off in a flash with the softness and absorbency of our quality towels.

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