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Why are Turkish Towels an excellent option for your next bath towel purchase?

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When choosing the perfect bath towel, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You have a plethora of options for towels: various styles, different weights, colors, and types of cotton.

The superb quality of a Turkish cotton towel may make all the difference in the world regarding your bathing experience. Continue reading to learn more about why this particular sort of cotton is ideal for high-end bathroom and spa linens.

Turkish Cotton: What Is It and Where Can I Find It?

Turkish Cotton is long-fiber cotton grown exclusively in the Aegean area. Made entirely of long fiber cotton, this type of Cotton is constructed with solid and silky threads.

The inspiration for today's Turkish bath products came from a woven cloth called peshtemal, which was popular in the 17th century for its extreme absorbency. Turkish Cotton today has a high absorbency and durable quality, which makes it a popular choice for bath towels, robes, and bathmats.

Softest Cotton Towels Around

Turkish cotton towels may not appear exceptionally soft at first glance, but these towels actually get softer and softer with every wash. If you feel as though your towel is not soft enough, simply throw it in the washing machine and feel an increased buttery-like smoothness.

Because of this fabric’s extreme softness, it’s perfect for lounging in after a bath or shower, whether that be in a Turkish Cotton bathrobe or cozy bath towel.

This fabric is also a great option for summer or warm days because this fabric is extremely fine and lightweight. You can easily pack these towels in a bag for a trip to the beach without taking up too much space.

At home, these towels can easily be stored away because of their compact size, which means that your linen closet will have more space for storage.

Turkish Cotton is Highly Absorbent

Turkish Cotton isn’t nearly as thick compared to other towel fabrics but is just as absorbent and soaks up water rapidly.

Made exclusively from long Cotton fibers, each long thread soaks up water and makes this fabric a quick-drying option. Turkish Cotton towels are great for speedily dressing after a shower or dip in the pool since they swiftly dry any moisture on your skin. They also help with spill cleanup because of their quick absorbency.

When you use a cotton robe or towel like this in the bathroom, your drying time will reduce by half compared to regular towels. Your Turkish cotton towel and robe will quickly remove moisture from your body and give you smoother, more supple skin, because you don’t have to rub your skin nearly as hard to dry off.

To keep your bathroom floors dry, opt for a bathmat made from Turkish Cotton that will soak up any extra water as you step out of the shower or bath.

Long-lasting Durability

Given its long-staple fibers, Turkish Cotton has an excellent reputation as a solid and long-lasting fabric. Since the fabric is created by spinning yarn to make threads with lesser joints, each individual thread is incredibly strong and smooth.

Properly cared for, Turkish Cotton towels can last for years and maintain their strength and absorbency. Machine wash these towels in cold water with similar colors and avoid using high heat when drying them. Tumble drying or low heat drying are the best options for maintaining the softness and durability of these towels.

These towels will become softer over time when given the proper care and will become a trusty versatile staple in your home for years to come.

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Turkish Cotton vs. Egyptian Cotton

Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton are both extremely absorbent fabrics. Because Egyptian cotton is exceptionally soft and breathable, it is frequently utilized in the production of athletic wear.

Only Turkish cotton, however, dries quickly. Egyptian cotton has a high absorption capacity, but it also has a high retention capacity for the water it does absorb. This encourages the growth of germs and mildew, which can taint the towels if not carefully cared for, unlike Turkish Cotton towels which quickly dry.

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