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Your Guide to Choosing a Perfect Bathroom Mat or a Rug

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It's a great feeling to sink your feet into something soft and plush after a warm shower or bath. Choosing the right decor items for your bathroom can be difficult when you’re not aware of the differences between various items. If you’ve been overwhelmed while shopping for bathroom items, you’re just in luck. We have created this article to make choosing the right a bath mats sets or bath rugs sets simple.

You may have stumbled upon bath mats sets, bath rugs sets, or toweling mats while browsing online or shopping in person. Here's an easy guide to each item that will help you make the right purchase.

Let’s look at the difference between these three items, which are often confused as one.

Bath mats sets: A bath mats sets is a bristly, fluffy textured mat, used just outside the tub or shower to absorb any extra moisture as you step out. One side of these mats is made of rubber to prevent skidding, and the other side is made of cotton, which helps soak in any excess water that has dripped after a bath.

Bath rugs sets: Unlike bathmats, bath rugs sets do not come with a rubber backing to prevent skidding, and that is what makes them more stylish than practical based. Bath rugs are used outside the bathtub or shower, as well as around the bathroom door or sink to add extra comfort and warmth, especially for winter months or in the early mornings when floors are cold.

Toweling Mat: Toweling mats are extremely lightweight and are generally used outside the shower. Their main purpose is to absorb the water that has spilled on the floor. Toweling mats are usually placed in the wet areas of the bathroom, just like a towel. These mats are meant to keep your floor dry and for you to wipe your feet clean.

Bath mats sets vs. Bath rugs sets

Choosing the type of bathroom decor will be much easier when you know the difference between bath rugs sets and bath mats sets. Both have their own unique purposes, and each has a different aesthetic style to add to a space. It is vital to understand the differences between the two so you can make the best choice for your home.

A bath mats sets is designed specifically for functional use to prevent you from slipping. As mentioned before, they are placed in front of your bathtub or directly outside of the shower so they can absorb water after you have rinsed off. They boast extra absorbency and non-skid features to prevent you from slipping on the wet floor.

A bath rugs sets is more aimed towards adding luxury and aesthetic style to your space. Although they also absorb water, their main purpose is to be a design element in your bathroom. They are usually coordinated with your bathroom theme, matching the curtains, towels, and even shower curtains to add to the elegance of your bathroom decor. And unlike bath mats sets, they are not limited to being just in front of your bathtub or shower.

Bath rugs sets are plusher and velvety to give your bathroom that luxurious touch, whereas bath mats sets tend to be more practical than decorative. They both are an excellent choice for your home’s bathroom, but which you choose depends on your personal preference and what will work best for your space.

bath mat sets

Your best bet when choosing the material of the bath mats sets or a bath rugs sets

Keep these pointers in mind while you choose between the bath mats sets and a bath rugs sets. Both these products are available in various materials to choose from. However, cotton remains the most popular choice, but some other materials also have some benefits of their own:

Bath rugs sets


An ideal choice of material for bathroom rug sets is 100% cotton. 100% long-staple cotton provides excellent absorbency and dries quickly compared to other materials.


Woolen bath rugs sets are a little thicker than cotton ones. They are considered the one of the best choices for bathroom rugs sets because they hold moisture well and allow good air circulation to keep your bathroom rug fresher for longer.


Chenille is the type of fabric woven from yarns and other such fibers. They’re a great choice because they resist water well. Although they are not as soft as cotton bath rugs sets, they are the most durable of all and work excellently for home baths.

Bath mats sets


Along with bath rugs sets, bath mat sets make for an ideal choice for your bathrooms. They provide a luxurious feel to the space, and on top of that, the cotton bath mats sets give you a soft sensation alongside being durable. These mats boast a supreme level of water absorbency as well. It is easy to maintain cotton bath mats sets which makes them a smart choice for the home bathrooms.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is the material that is also known as viscoelastic polyfoam. These bath mats are incredibly comfortable and are now gaining popularity above all other materials. These bath mats sets, like cotton, have exceptional water absorbency and are easy to maintain and care for as well.


Bamboo bath mats sets are a sustainable alternative that give you a more solid surface to stand on after a shower. The sustainable bamboo mats are resistant to water penetration, making them a perfect choice for wet environments. They are also very durable and hence will last for years to come as they are virtually indestructible.

Now that you’ve learned about the differences between various types of bath mats and rugs, you’re ready to start the journey to find your own! Head to Home City Inc. here to shop the collection now!

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