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The Real Difference Between Duvet Covers and Comforters Explained

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If you’re shopping for bedding, you’ve probably heard the phrases duvet covers and comforters used interchangeably. But is a duvet cover and a comforter really that different? If you’re not too sure of the real difference, you’re not alone. While duvet covers and comforters may seem like they do precisely the same thing, there are a lot more differences than you may think. Below we will take a closer look at the real differences between the two, so you can better determine which will work best for your bedding needs.

One of the main differences between a duvet cover and a comforter is that a comforter is just one piece of bedding, while a duvet cover requires two separate pieces — an insert and cover. Comforters commonly are quilted with the filling distributed evenly throughout, while a duvet requires an insert.

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What Is A Comforter?

Comforters usually showcase a fashionable design in various patterns and prints. They are filled with down or synthetic fibers that are stitched to keep the fill from clumping into one central area. Many comforters are often part of a bed-in-a-bag set that includes coordinating sheets, pillowcases, and pillow shams, so you don’t have to shop around for additional bedding. Unlike duvet covers, best comforters do not require an insert and can go right on top of your sheets and blankets and will provide a lovely layered look to your bed. Another great benefit, comforters are ready to use right of the bag. Caring is also a breeze and can usually be washed with other bedding.

What Is A Duvet?

A best duvet covers is a protective layer that slips over an insert (this insert is often called a duvet or comforter) and has a closure to keep the insert in place. Duvet covers are more versatile than comforters because you can easily change the look of your bedroom without having to redecorate. Duvet covers work as a decorative accent while protecting your expensive comforter and can easily be removed for washing. So what’s the catch when it comes to duvet covers? Unlike comforters, duvet covers can be a bit tricky to assemble since you need to fit a full-size comforter into the duvet cover.

No matter which you prefer, comforters and duvet covers both provide an exceptional sleeping experience. Like everything else, it all comes down to personal preference. Now that you know the difference, be sure to shop our wide selection of duvet covers and comforters now!

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