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Towel Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom Spaces

Towels are a must in the bathroom, but they may be difficult to store, especially if you have limited storage space. While there are many bathroom cabinets and shelves to choose from, sometimes the most effective solutions to keep towels organized entail using objects that aren't strictly intended for the bathroom. If your bathroom doesn't have a linen closet, here are some creative storage solutions you may use.

These 9-bathroom towel storage ideas can help you save room.

Put Things in Baskets

Towel storage in tiny bathrooms may be challenging. You may save space by rolling your best towel sets rather than folding them, and baskets are the ideal storage solution for rolled towels.

Towel storage ideas using repurposed baskets include the following:

● Use a traditional woven basket on the floor if you have the room. Towels should be rolled up and placed vertically in the basket to create the illusion of a bouquet in your spa-like bathroom!

● You may hang a basket on the wall by flipping it over and hammering it into place. Now you instantly have shelves!

● If your basket is wired, you may use paint-safe, heavy-duty hooks to hang it on your wall. Rustic bathrooms benefit greatly from the use of wired baskets.

● Baskets may be used in a variety of ways. Since most baskets are lightweight, you should have no problem adding them to your comfortable bathroom's vacant spaces.

Wine Racks Can Be Repurposed

Standard wine bottles are about the size of a wrapped bath towel. Thus, wine racks make excellent bathroom towel racks. Each bottle insert may be filled with a rolled-up bath towel, which is quite easy to do.

Place the wine rack in a bathroom nook if possible. Even hanging wine racks are an option if you'd rather use your wall space for storage than your floor space.

The finest storage options are often ones you already have in your house. It's a matter of viewing things from a new perspective.

Use a Cart or a Rolling Table

When attempting to make the most of a tiny area, it's critical to have some degree of flexibility. A mobile cart or table may be the best option for those who don't want to put in permanent towel storage. Consider it a portable bathroom side table. A two or three-tiered rolling cart is ideal for storing many items.

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Use a Prop Ladder

Bathroom ladders are popular right now, but it's not only for aesthetic reasons. They're also really useful.

Even though ladders are commonly used in bathrooms as a drying rack for towels, they may also be used as a place to keep your best bath towels while you wash one of them. All you have to do is place a basket or two at the top of the rungs.

It's possible to make full use of a ladder as storage in your bathroom even if you don't have enough area on the wall for it. Use the wall space over your toilet to hang a smaller ladder.

Use Cabinets that can Serve Multiple Purposes

When it comes to bathroom shopping, a typical blunder is to confine oneself just to the bathroom department of the store. If the made-for-bathroom cabinets fail to pique your interest, wander elsewhere in the store.

The living room, bedroom, and even the kitchen sections may surprise you with what you'll find! For instance, a bar cabinet may be used to store towels in the bathroom.

Use the wine slots to store your towels, and the remaining space to store your other toiletry essentials. For towels and other bathroom necessities, buffet cabinets are a great option because they are available in a wide range of sizes.

Double Curtain Rods

If your bathroom already has a shower curtain, installing a second curtain rod can be a good idea.

Double curtain rods are exactly what the name implies. Double curtain rods are commonly used in public spaces like lobbies and waiting rooms. It gives homeowners the option of combining two curtains to make their window decorations look more interesting.

Even though twin curtain rods are more commonly seen in other rooms of your house, they might serve a practical purpose in your small bathroom. Your best bath towels may be hung on the second curtain rod, which doubles as a towel rack.

Clean towels can be stored in baskets that can be hung from the pole. Double curtain rods are great space savers since they don't take up any extra room on the floor or on the wall.

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Install towel racks in the bathrooms

You may save a significant amount of space in your bathroom by installing towel bars.

Towel bars can help you make the most of your available space in several ways:

● Suspend at least two towel racks from the back of the bathroom door. For several installations, ensure sure there is sufficient space between them so that towels do not overlap.

● Install a wall-mounted towel rack.

● You can keep a few wrapped towels on a vertical towel rack.

● Put a towel rack on the wall over the toilet to keep your towels dry.

● You can hang numerous towels from a towel bar if you add hooks to it.

● Use a towel bar with a basket to hold rolled towels.

● Towel bars are useful for more than just storing wet towels; they also allow you to dry them between uses thoroughly.

Determine Where Shelves Can Be Mounted on the Wall

Installing shelves is a terrific technique to make more room in your home for storage. You'll have to be creative with shelf placement if you're dealing with a tiny area.

Make sure that your shelves don’t crowd your space or get in your way. In your bathroom, you want to be able to walk about freely and comfortably.

Towel storage ideas for out-of-the-way places include the following:

● Above-the-door wall space

● Above-the-bathtub wall surface

● There is room beneath the sink for additional storage

● The area on the wall above or adjacent to the bathroom toilet

Shelves may be mounted on any unoccupied bathroom wall. You may want to avoid shelving that restricts your movement if your space is limited.

Create Dividers That Serve Multiple Purposes

Building your bathroom from the ground up allows you to create separators that serve several purposes. To keep the bathing area separate, you can include dividers.

In some bathrooms, the bathtub is separated from the wall by a short gap. Turn the divider or space divider into a daily use towel and best towel sets rack.

Even if your shelves are smaller than normal due to this project, you can still keep rolled-up bath towels in that extra space. Using space that might otherwise be wasted is a bonus.

Even in a small bathroom, everyone deserves to be comfortable. By designating a specific area for towel storage, you'll make your bathroom easier to maintain.

Use towels that are suitable for the new environment you've established. Check out Home city Inc. bath towel sets today for the greatest deals!

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