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Types of Bathrobes: Fabrics and Styles That You Should Know!

A bathrobe is more than just an article of clothing, it's a cozy haven that you can wrap yourself up in. A bathrobe is great for spa days, stepping out of the shower, or even just cozying up on the couch with your favorite book.

Here’s how to pick the right bathrobe so you can focus on relaxing in comfort.

Choosing the Perfect Size

Bathrobes are meant to fit looser than other types of garments, but it is still vital to pick the right size. A fit that is too large will slip off your shoulders and require constant belt adjustment, while a fit too small will restrict movement.

Keep in mind the following:

1. Use the available size chart on websites for reference. Ideally, robes should have a loose fit and the belt loop height should match your waist.

2. It is important to check the belt loop height to ensure that it hits comfortably at your waist.

3. Great quality bathrobes usually have different belt loop styles for people of all heights. This ensures that the belt loops will cinch at your waistline rather than being too high or too low.

Finding the Correct Length

There are a variety of robe lengths to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect fit for you.

Full-length robes:

Full-length robes reach the ankle. This length is perfect for those searching for extra comfort and warmth. It’s extended length is spectacular at absorbing moisture all over your body after a bath or shower. Full-length bathrobes are also great for lounging indoors during the winter because of their added warmth.

Knee-length robes:

Knee-length robes don’t retain heat like full-length robes, hence they are an ideal choice for the summer season. Knee-length bathrobes are usually made of lighter fabrics, so they are perfect for wrapping over swimwear and even as a great accessory for a spa trip.

Thigh-length robes:

Thigh-length robes are typically worn by women, however they can be worn by anyone. These robes are known for being light, seductive and stylish. Thigh-length robes often cover nightwear or lingerie.

Is fabric important?

The quality of the fabric is an essential factor to consider when shopping for bathrobes. Although appearance is important, the choice of fabric should take first priority. The quality of fabric of a robe dictates how well it will serve its purpose, including its ability to keep you warm, absorb moisture, and give you that amazing cozy feeling.

Let’s explore different fabrics to find the best one for you.

cotton bath robes

Types of fabric


Cotton is the preferred fabric when it comes to bathrobes and towels because of its high absorbency levels. Cotton has the capacity to hold almost 25 times its weight in liquid, which means you stay dry and comfortable no matter how wet you are. Cotton robes are also extremely lightweight which helps you stay cool in summer, so you can bring this robe with you to the pool.

Organic cotton

People with sensitive skin should opt for organic Cotton bathrobes. Organic cotton is slightly more expensive than regular cotton, but it keeps those with sensitive skin comfortable and irritation-free. Organic Cotton is also a more environmentally-friendly option than regular Cotton.

Silk and Satin

Silk and satin are both delicate, lightweight, and breathable which make it perfect for the warm seasons. These robes are not as absorbent as Cotton, so they are more often used as a fashion statement instead of being used after a shower or bath.


Fleece is another extremely popular material used because of the fabric’s softness, warmth, and insulating properties. Fleece bathrobes are great options for both cold or warm seasons because they provide coziness without getting overwhelmingly hot.

Bathrobe Styles

Bathrobes come in many different styles depending on the season, what they’ll be used for, and fashion preferences. Because of this, there is a wide range of styles of robes for sale. Here are some types of bathrobes to get you started.

Kimono Style Bathrobes

The kimono style boasts a flat, non-collar neckline and shorter sleeves in a bathrobe. This style is often made in satin or silk, and a common choice among brides. This bathrobe is also an excellent option for relaxing with a glass of wine or a trip to the spa.

Shawl Collar Bathrobes

The shawl collar bathrobes feature a fold-over collar that wraps around your neckline a lot like a shawl. The style is originally inspired by men’s evening wear, which gives it a certain sophistication while being sure to give the wearer a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Hooded Bathrobes

The hooded bathrobe is another popular style that features a thin, small collar with an attached hood. They are preferred for those looking to dry their hair faster while also providing extra warmth, making this a great winter robe.

We know that after this guide, you feel confident to purchase your very own bathrobe. Be sure to shop our luxurious selection of bathrobes at Home City Inc., which are OEKO-TEX certified and safe for sensitive skin. Check out the collection here!

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