Braxton Floral Damask Area Rug
 Braxton Floral Damask Area Rug
 Braxton Floral Damask Area Rug

Braxton Floral Damask Area Rug

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Classic styling and rich hues are what make the Braxton Floral Damask Area Rug a beautiful finishing touch to any home. It features premium-quality construction and durable fibers that are soft to step on yet highly resilient, even with heavy traffic. Safe for everyone in the family, the Braxton area rug is OEKO-TEX certified so you know it's free from harmful chemicals. It also resists static, water, mildew, moths, and fading. It's a versatile rug that can take center stage or complement your other decor. The selection of available sizes ensures a perfect fit. This area rug is a desirable option if you are looking for outstanding value at an affordable price, which can only be found at Superior.