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All About Curtains: Fabrics, Designs, & More!

Curtains are a crucial element of your home decor that can completely change the atmosphere of a room. You can opt for a light and breezy look or dark dramatics that add an extravagant look. You can go for a patterned style, solid color, or even textured details. With so many options, finding suitable curtains can get overwhelming. We’ve answered some of your commonly asked questions so you can find the perfect curtain for any room in your home.

What Fabric Should I Choose?

The material of your curtains is a huge factor in their appearance. When choosing a fabric, you should consider the mood of the room you are planning to put them in and how much sunlight you want to let into the room.

If you have a more conventional style room, heavier drapes will work best. If you have a more avant-garde style or want a minimalist style, sheer curtains will be a better option.

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What Color Should I Choose?

When choosing the color of curtains for your room, be sure to find a color that syncs well with the rest of your room and makes sense for your style. When choosing a color, you should either choose a similar color or a contrasting one that balances well with your current color scheme. If you want the curtains to be a main focus in the room, you should choose a color that is a stark contrast.

Should I go for Patterns or Solid?

Patterns are a great way to bring visual interest into a room, but they can be overwhelming if your room already has a lot of patterns. To choose between a solid color and a pattern, examine the furniture and decor in your room already. Is it busy? Does it already have patterned items? If you answered yes to both questions, a solid curtain may be a better option for you. If you have a very simple room that is a tad plain, patterned curtains are great for livening up the room and adding an interesting design element.

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How Do I Pick the Right Length?

A popular style right now is curtains that reach the floor perfectly, which adds a romantic and dramatic look to your room. If you have pets or small kids, you might opt for a shorter curtain so they can’t get tangled or wrapped around them.

How Do I Find the Right Width?

Finding the right width is pretty simple. A great rule of thumb to follow is to measure the width of the frame and then multiply it by 2.5 times. This will allow for the extra width of curtains while giving enough extra fabric so they can be gathered when open.

Should I Choose Trims and Accessories?

Trims and accessories are a great way to add something special to your curtains. You can choose decorative tie-backs that hold your curtains in place when they are open. If you have a taste for a dramatic flair, you can add a valance, which is a decorative fabric that sits at the top of the curtains. If you prefer a more minimalist and modern look, simple tie-backs are a better option.

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Should I Choose a Lined or Unlined Curtain?

A lined curtain means that it has an extra layer of fabric. This extra layer of fabric can be great if a lot of natural light shines through, and you’re looking to minimize the amount of light coming in or looking for more privacy. It can also prevent your curtains from fading over time. If you enjoy the sunlight a slightly sheer curtain allows, go for an unlined curtain.

How Do I Choose a Fabric That’s Easy to Care For?

Curtains should be cleaned periodically, just like every other item in your home. You should clean your curtains every six months, and some fabrics can be machine washed while others cannot. Wool, silk, and lace curtains all need to be dry cleaned. Cotton and synthetic fabrics can be machine washed and are great options for those with allergies.

Now that we’ve answered your burning questions, you’re ready to shop for your perfect set of curtains. Start shopping now!

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