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Bath Towels and Beach Towels- What's the Difference?

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Have you ever wondered what makes beach towels and bath towels different? You might have been heading out the door on your way to the beach and thought, “Why can’t I just bring a bath towel?” We’ll answer your pondering question by highlighting their unique qualities.

  • Size
  • You might have noticed that beach towels are comparatively longer and bigger than bath towels.

    The size difference is meant to form a barrier between you and sand. Not only that, but their extended size serves many multifunctional purposes. They serve as a tanning bed, a blanket, a pillow, and a fashionable accessory that matches your beach chair. Bath towels can get away with being smaller because their only job is to dry you off.

    bath vs beach towel

  • Appearance
  • Another major difference between a beach towel and a bath towel is their appearance. Beach towels are usually vibrant in color, such as bright yellows, blues, pinks, and greens, unlike bath towels which are usually more soothing shades. A bathroom is a place where one relaxes, while the beach is a place of fun activity. Their different appearances match and elevate the atmosphere where they are used.

  • Sides of the Towel
  • Bath towels have uniform sides, while bath towels have different textured sides. On beach towels, one side is designed to prevent the sand from clogging or sticking to the beach towel. Meanwhile the other side is absorbent, which helps to dry your body off. Bath towels are uniform because both sides are used for drying your skin.

    At Home City Inc., there are a plethora of options for the best beach towels that are waiting to accompany you on your next beach day.

    difference between bath towels and beach towels

  • Thickness
  • Did you ever notice that bath towels are much thicker? I bet you didn't! Coming out of the shower or tub, you want to be as dry as possible, which is not as high of a priority at beaches or pools.

    Because of this, beach towels can get away with being less thick and therefore less absorbent. Due to their thinness, they dry quickly under sunlight and are more lightweight which makes them easy to carry.

  • Texture
  • There is a stark difference in the texture of beach and bath towels. If you run your hand over a bath towel, you will feel a soft luxurious texture. Beach towels tend to be a bit rougher in texture to be able to withstand added wear and tear that comes with trips to the pool or beach.

  • Cost
  • There is also a difference in the prices of the beach and bath towels. Beach towels are quite more expensive than bath towels because of their added length, color, pattern, and design.

    Bath towels are less expensive, but the cost of both products varies based on luxury, weight, fabric, and durability. To get the best bath towels, thickness and softness are key factors to consider which may increase price.

    Now that you’ve read this helpful article, you understand the difference between bath towels and beach towels. Before your next shower, check out the bath towels offered by Home City Inc. here, or check out these fun beach towels here before your next trip to the ocean.

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