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How to choose the Ideal Blanket Color to Perfectly Complement Your Home Décor

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We all love to live in style. Matching the color of your blanket with your room’s decor will add a subtle yet certain refinement to the aesthetic of your home instantly. When it comes to selecting and styling the ideal blanket for your home, there are several factors to consider in order to find the most functional and visually appealing solution. Size, style, texture, location, and your own personal design style are all important considerations when choosing the color of your blanket. Here are some expert recommendations for selecting the ideal throw blanket!

Find inspiration everywhere

While exploring your options online, there are many ideas that may appeal to you. If you keep scrolling through your options, you may get overwhelmed and forget which choices stood out to you. Instead, as you scroll make a note of your favorite ones and then implement them accordingly. Colors and lighting can affect our mood, so make sure to take that into account. Depending on your taste, you can go for specific calming themes with blue tones, or create an eye-catching accent with a color like red. You will find a lot of gorgeous color options when you explore around you. Consider searching for blankets online such as the ones at Home City Inc.

Have an idea in mind before shopping

While looking for blankets for sale we end up buying the designs and colors that appeal to us the most at the moment, but when we get that blanket home it doesn’t match with the room’s decor. It is very important to have a color scheme in mind for your bedroom before you start shopping for a blanket. Select the color and shades that you are interested in before you step out for shopping. This will save you the trouble of returning or exchanging bedding that appeared to be the perfect fit in the store but did not match your bedroom's color scheme.

What do you prefer: solid color or patterned bedding?

Using solid colors for your blanket can make your room look elegant and simple, while also giving it a trendy hotel feel. Solid colors can also contribute to the creation of a relaxing and zen-like environment, which is ideal for unwinding after a long day at work.

Using solid color bedding to create a serene atmosphere in your bedroom is as simple as thinking of the bedding as a monochromatic color scheme. Choose your primary color and then layer it with lighter and darker shades of the same color to create a gradient effect. This prevents your bedding from looking too drab, or as if you simply threw a duvet and matching pillow shams on the bed out of convenience rather than design.

If you want to add a more intricate style to your space, a patterned blanket is perfect for you. The advantages of patterned bedding are numerous. If you want to incorporate accent colors from the room into your decor, patterned blankets allow you to do so in small doses without looking cluttered or overpowering. Traditional and romantic bedding styles are characterized by floral patterns that can integrate colors from other areas of the room.

The key to choosing patterned bedding is to make sure you’re adding solid colors to the bedding as well to make it look fresh and vibrant. Patterned bedding can become dated more quickly than solid colors, so consider using only one patterned piece with one or two small accents to allow you to change things up without having to replace the entire set when you want to make a style statement. In addition, you can choose any color from your blanket pattern to coordinate with the color of your bedroom walls.

Make the choice between matchy-matchy and eclectic designs

Choosing a blanket that includes perfectly matched elements from surrounding decor is a beautiful and simple way to furnish your bedroom. For the most part, blanket sets are designed to be perfectly matched in terms of appearance, with some mixing of patterns and textures for added interest. Even though the sets are intentionally matched, adding varied bedding components helps to avoid a "matchy-matchy" appearance if that is not what you desire.

If a pre-matched blanket set is still a little too "matchy" for your tastes, you can always make your own bedding ensemble from scratch. Utilizing a single or two unifying colors throughout your eclectic bedding set will ensure that your bedding set does not appear to be too random. It doesn't matter whether your patterns differ, like between stripes and floral, but pieces must have the same unifying colors in order to have a funky, yet put-together, look.

Avoid Colors That Gives Visual Fatigue

Whatever your personality and preferences are, there are certain themes that you may gravitate towards for the overall feel of your room. To begin, you want to avoid visual fatigue, which means you don't want the area to be too busy or to contain colors that clash and irritate. Furthermore, you want your bedroom to be soothing, relaxing, and a place where your body does not feel the need to be constantly alert. Your bedroom is your haven where you rest, so choose colors that complement one another to create this atmosphere.

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Some Color Options If You Are Still Confused

If you are unable to choose, don’t worry! Here are some colors that may appeal to you:

#1 Dark Blue

Regardless of the color of your blankets, keeping them clean should take precedence over "hiding stains." Stains can sometimes set in and be impossible to remove even after washing, and when this happens, dark blue sheets can help to hide what's left of the stain. Aside from hiding stains, dark blue also adds style; blue is a particularly good choice for a bedroom because it represents water, sky, flowers, and all the other relaxing properties of nature.

#2 Beige

Beige blankets have a more relaxed, and timeless feel than white or grey sheets. Beige sheets are ideal for children's rooms, especially if they prefer something a little more "fun" than white sheets.

Another reason why beige is awesome? It's commonly found in nature. Rocks, trees, animals, sand, and plants all display a beige color. Because of this, beige in the bedroom can infuse a breath of fresh air, creating an outdoors-in feel and blending the scenery outside your window with the interior of your bedroom.

Wrapping Up

Even though it can be overwhelming at times, designing and styling your blankets can be a pleasurable experience. Being able to express your style and personality through your blanket and bedroom décor provides a sense of fulfillment and joy that cannot be matched. When you come home after a long day at work, you know that the environment you’re about to enter is soothing and relaxing. Choosing colors for your blanket can be a tough job and hence this article has all the points covered that you must consider while shopping next time. Check out the blankets available at Home City Inc. now!

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