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Why Choose Egyptian Cotton Bedding?

Cotton is quite possibly the most well-known fabric material in the world. You’re bound to have some sort of cotton fabric in your home, whether it’s clothing, accessories, or home decorations. We’re sure that you’ve run across items made from Egyptian Cotton while browsing bedding options or other household items. But, do you actually know what Egyptian Cotton is?

Egyptian Cotton is one of the highest quality forms of cotton. Its unrivaled quality is sure to invigorate your senses with its premium touch and durability. When choosing from bedding options, Egyptian Cotton sheet sets have undoubtedly the richest cotton threads that will have you sleep in comfort for years to come.

If you’re searching for added softness and durability, make a point to focus on finding authentic Egyptian Cotton. Keep reading to learn more about the added benefits of this fabric!

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton comes from a plant called the Gossypium Barbadense. Compared to regular cotton, Egyptian cotton has extra-long filaments that make the yarns more slender yet stronger than those in cotton bed sheets. More threads are used in the fabric, creating a sumptuous fabric with a high thread count.

Authentic Egyptian Cotton is grown in Egypt, where the dry and hot environment helps fiber strands to develop better than anywhere else. The yarn is then sent out to other assembling districts like India, China, and the USA and then woven into sheets or clothing.

Is Egyptian Cotton Worth The Cost?

Egyptian Cotton is exceptional because it delivers extra-long and thin filaments that make for a delicate and comfortable fabric. The final product is incredibly soft and smooth, perfect for resting your skin against each night.

Egyptian Cotton also helps regulate body temperature by being incredibly breathable, which helps you fall and stay asleep instead of becoming uncomfortably hot.

An added benefit to Egyptian Cotton sheet sets is that they are also anti-moisture and more porous than typical cotton, which assists with lowering your internal heat level. The fabric works by pulling away dampness from your skin to keep you cool. During cold months, the fabric material works to trap your body heat and keep you comfortable and warm the entire evening.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

Does Egyptian Cotton bedding last longer than conventional cotton?

Egyptian Cotton is more durable than customary cotton bed sheets. This is due to Egyptian Cotton plants' extra-long strands, which makes yarns harder yet delicate. So, while sheets produced using Egyptian Cotton are slightly more costly, they are an investment that ends up being friendlier on your wallet in the long run because they don’t need to be replaced as often.

How to Care for Egyptian Cotton

Items from Egyptian Cotton stay fresh and long-lasting for years to come, even when they’re washed frequently. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your bedding items.

It is vital to avoid fabric softeners, as they can damage the strands in your bedding and reduce the longevity of your bedding. Your Egyptian Cotton bedding should be washed on a cold and gentle cycle. This will keep your soft linens safe from the washing machine’s agitator and make sure they're thoroughly cleaned.

Higher Thread Count

Thread count is used for marking the value of sheets, and it simply is the number of threads woven together to make a solitary square inch of the sheet. Higher thread counts indicate better sheets, and Egyptian Cotton sheets typically have higher ones than other sheets. Egyptian Cotton also has richer threads that are softer, longer-lasting, and soak moisture up more than other kinds of cotton.


Anyone who has experienced night sweats or fitful sleep, especially during the summer, will see the value in the breathability of Egyptian Cotton. Air moves through this fabric easily, allowing you to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. When you choose complementary bedding items with this fabric along with your sheets, you’re sure to have a cool and restful night.

They Last Longer

The longevity of Egyptian Cotton bed sheets is a major advantage to choosing this great material. Its long-staple cotton is known for its sturdiness. Its higher thread count implies better strength and a longer-lasting bedding piece. Egyptian cotton bed sheets get softer every time you wash them, and with proper care, these bed sheets will last you for years to come.

Final Words

Egyptian Cotton bed sheets are the perfect luxury investment for your bedroom that is unrivaled in quality and design. Check out the wonderful Egyptian Cotton bed sheets available at Home City Inc. here!

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