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How to Fold Towels: 8 Different Easy-to-Learn Methods

Have you ever wondered why the bath towels in hotels, cruises, or spas look so inviting? You might think that the reason behind their perfect fluffy look is the towel’s high quality, or maybe even the fabric softener used. Although the quality and care routine of a towel is helpful, the technique of folding is a major contributor to how neat and cozy a towel looks when stored.

At the end of this article, you’ll be an expert on how to fold towels. Your family and guests will thank you for elevating the bathroom at home into a spa-like oasis.

The Basics

There are plenty of considerations when it comes to what style you choose to fold your towels in, depending on your personal preferences for location and style.

Let’s look at some of the towel folding methods that you can start using in your home.

Fold Towels

Classic Hotel Folding Method

If you plan on storing your towels on a bench or an open shelf, this technique is ideal. It creates clean edges and makes the towel stack look elegant and enticing.

  • 1.First, spread the entire bath towel on a flat surface. One long end of the towel should be folded towards the middle.

  • 2. Repeat this for the other side of the towel until both sides are folded.

  • 3. Next, fold both of the short ends towards the middle portion. Leave some gap in the middle part where the ends are meeting to keep some space for one more fold.

  • 4. Finally, pick up one end and put it on top of the other after folding it. This will create a perfectly folded bath towel.

  • Store your towels in a stacked display with the folded edge facing forward.

Towel Bar Folding Method

If you plan on storing your bathroom towels on a towel bar, this is a classic and simple technique. This method allows for easy access to the towels and allows them to dry quickly.

  • 1. First, spread the towel down on any flat surface.

  • 2. Next, fold the towel into thirds by folding each long edge towards the middle until both edges are touching the center.

  • 3. Hang the towel over the bar, making sure to adjust the hanging ends, so they are both even.

Additionally, you can hang a small hand towel over the top of a bath towel. Follow the same folding method for the smaller towel, then drape it over the larger towel on the rack. Be sure to use a complementary or matching color scheme.

Wear-Reducing Folding Method

The Wear-Reducing method will help you prevent any pilling on the fabric of your towels and prevent any unnecessary wear and tear. This fold is also optimal for storage because you can use an additional fold to fit compact spaces.

  • 1. First, fold the towel in half lengthwise.

  • 2. Place the short ends together and fold the towel in half widthwise.

  • 3. For the final time, fold the towel again in half widthwise. The flat fold will make it easy to stack and store the towels. If you are looking to fit a compact space, you can fold the towel in thirds in the last fold instead of going with the halves.


If you are looking for a method to keep a shelf neat and tidy, then the Tri-Fold method of folding towels is for you.

  • 1. First, place the towel on a flat surface with the tag facing in the upper direction.

  • 2. Next, towards the shorter side of the towel, fold one corner over the two-thirds of the towel.

  • 3. Use your hands to smooth down the entire length of the towel.

  • 4. The other side of the towel should now be folded over the first side. Again, smooth down the entire length of the towel so that it looks long and skinny.

  • 5.Now, fold the towel in half twice.

  • 6.Finally, when placed on the shelf, the towel with the folded edge should be displayed on the outer side.

How to Fold Towels

Deep Fold

The Deep Fold method is the ideal method if you are storing towels in a linen closet. It ensures that the towels fit the shelf from front to back while allowing for more than one row of towels.

  • 1.Spread the towel on a completely flat surface, such as a table or a clean floor.

  • 1.2.Take one edge of the towel and fold it over the halfway mark that is present on the shorter edge of the towel.

  • 3.Perform the same steps on the other side too. Now, the two long edges should be meeting in the center portion.

  • 4.Next, fold the towel in half lengthwise. The two layers should be sitting one above the other.

  • 5. Now, take the ends of the towels and fold them towards the center by leaving a gap in the middle portion to avoid bulging.

Decorative Towel Swan

If you’ve ever been to a bed and breakfast or on a cruise ship, you’ve most likely seen a towel animal. Cruise ships and hotels often make towel animals to make their guests’ stay memorable. The most popular fold when it comes to a decorative shape is a towel swan. A towel swan is a whimsical and enchanting towel fold that instantly elevates any bathroom and is great for when you are expecting guests.

  • ● You will need a large-sized towel for creating this fold.

  • ● First, spread the towel on a flat surface.

  • ● Fold the top two corners downwards and inwards so that they meet in the center. You should note that the triangles won’t perfectly align with the bottom of the towel at this point.

  • ● Now, roll the edges of the towel until they are meeting in the middle portion. The towel’s shape should now be looking like an arrow.

  • ● Roll the point of the ‘arrow’ back to create a “Z” shape.

  • ● Set the Z down and set the curves by squeezing the corners of the towel.

  • ● The Z should now look like a swan.

  • ● Now, take another towel and follow the same steps to create an identical swan for a matching set.

  • ● Display them so that they are face to face and the beaks are touching.

Konmari Method

The Konmari Method was developed by a Japanese organizing specialist named Marie Kondo. She is an expert on storing common household items neatly and cleanly, which means this is the perfect folding style for those looking to declutter an area.

  • 1.Align the corners of the towel by taking the bottom side and folding it until it reaches the top side.

  • 2. Once you have folded it, the towel should resemble a square. Now, again repeat the same step and fold the bottom side until it reaches the top one.

  • 3. The towel should now resemble a rectangle. Smooth the towel with your hands if there are any wrinkles.

  • 4. Take the shorter side and fold it on top of the opposite side by placing your hand in the center of the towel.

  • 5. Now, your towel will resemble a square again.

  • 6. Lastly, take up the folded side and take it to the opposite side. Now, your towel is able to stand up on its own as you place it on its side.

  • 7. Now stack the towels on shelves or in drawers.

Spa-Style Rolling Method

If you want to give your towels a luxurious touch, you can display them in a spa-style rolled arrangement. This method works great if you are placing your towels in open cubbies or baskets.

    • 1.Spread the towel on a flat surface and take one corner of the towel diagonally towards the middle. The shorter side should be lining up with the longer one and create a point on one end.

    • 2.Next, start folding the towel in half, lengthwise. Take the folded edge onto the bottom side by flipping the towel.

3.Start rolling the towel tightly towards the shorter side. Once you reach the pointed end, tuck the end into the roll for securing the fold.

  • 4.Store several in a basket, cubby, or any other open container for easy-to-grab access.

We hoped that this towel folding guide helped you identify some great options for folding towels in your home. We covered some options for a compact space, such as the Deep-Fold, Konmari Method, and Wear-Reducing Method. We also went over some luxurious and whimsical styles, like the Spa-Style Rolling Method or Decorative Towel Swan. Next time you put away your clean laundry, refer to this guide for a fresh way to store your towels.

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