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What are the best tips for decorating your home with area rugs?

Consider the following scenario: you have purchased a gorgeous home and have furnished the living room with a wonderful sofa set and an attractive center table. However, it still feels like something is missing. One last vital decorative piece must be included for your living room to finally feel complete: an area rug.

Adding an attractive area rug can liven up a space and make it seem more inviting. Interior designers understand the importance of an area rug and often stage their spaces with a striking area rug. Put it to the test yourself and discover how effortlessly a rug can bring a space together.

Top 7 Tips for Choosing a Captivating Area Rug:

Many factors must be taken into consideration while designing your space. When you're thinking of getting a rug, you should keep some important guidelines in mind. With the assistance of the suggestions provided, you can create a visually appealing living room and house. Here are the top seven suggestions.

1. Use rugs to separate spaces

Rugs may be used to delineate a certain part of a room. If you go to a rug market, you will be confronted with a huge selection of various rugs. While browsing the options, you will notice that a rug intended for the seating area should not be used in any other room, including your dining room.

This is because designers are concerned with creating appropriate size rugs for a certain region. For example, in your living room, the rug serves as a focal point for conversation. To avoid seeming out of place, it should be large enough to accommodate the front leg of your sofa.

2. Create a Natural Atmosphere

With attention to detail, you can easily transform your living room into a calming space. It’s simple and rewarding to arrange your living room in the style of a theme such as a beach, forest, or other natural setting. These themes bring a bit of the serenity of the outdoors inside your home. If you enjoy the seaside, choose a greenish rug with bright yellow accents and light neutral shades of sea green to create a beach ambiance in your space. Choose a vibrant and soothing area rug on sale at Homecity Inc. to create a natural atmosphere in your home.

3. Use a rug to blend two rooms together

Some studio flats or large living rooms are connected to their dining rooms, while others are separate. Adding coordinating rugs in both spaces results in a more pleasant environment in your home.

Furthermore, combining colors is the quickest and most straightforward method of bringing two areas together. You have the option of selecting a rug with a contrasting color as an accenting piece, or one with a common hue to seamlessly complement the rooms. Additionally, you may use the same color as your living room walls to create an overall cohesive design.

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4. Select Your Color Scheme Carefully

According to industry experts, the color of the rug is more important than its pattern or style. Bright colors are the greatest choice if you want people to take notice of your flooring.

As an alternative, you may choose carpets that contrast with your wall paint to provide visual interest. Although using bold colors might be difficult, it may add the final touch necessary to certain rooms. Make sure to carefully select your colors while taking into consideration all of the factors.

5. Never use more than one rug at a time

The presence of more than one rug in a single space would be a poor idea. The space will quickly clash or become disharmonious. As a result, it would be preferable to have one rug rather than two in any given space.

6. Experiment with different shapes

Rugs are available in various forms, including circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles, amongst other variations. We recommend that you investigate various shapes to choose which one is the most appropriate for your space. Circular rugs are great for adding a whimsical style to smaller spaces, while square rugs are great for larger rooms and easily suit spaces with square tables.

7. Consider whether a rug pad is right for you

Rug pads provide a cozy added layer under your feet, but they can be slippery and cause you to slide as you walk across them. If you have hardwood flooring, you should avoid using them since the sticky nature of the product might damage your wooden floor.

Bonus Tip:

Here are some helpful tips on selecting an area rug by Kelsey Mcgregor. She is an OKC Interior Designer and has been featured on @theexpert, @magnolia, and @housebeautiful.

Size matters!!! when selecting a living room rug make sure that at minimum all front legs of your chairs and sofas are resting on the rug. I generally like to use 9x12 for bedrooms with a king size and flanking night stands, and the nightstand legs DO NOT rest on the rug here. Pinterest is a great resource to use to search for some good visuals that help support layouts for both these types of spaces.

When it comes to giving your home a makeover, a dazzling distinct appearance will not only satisfy you, but it will also amaze any guests you invite in your home. Check out the great Area Rugs On Sale at Home City Inc. to find the perfect finishing touch for your home today!.

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