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The Perfect Guide On Buying And Maintaining Sheet Sets

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You spend 33 years asleep. Why not do it in comfort?

Owning comfortable and luxurious bedding plays a vital role in getting a good night's sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. With an increasing amount of bed sheet options available online, it's easy to become overwhelmed.

There is a lot to learn about bed sheet sets before buying one. This article will help you learn how to select soft, comfortable, and long-lasting sheets. In addition, you’ll learn more about thread count and the differences between weave types and different materials.

If you're searching for sheets, these pointers should help make your next bedsheet shopping trip faster and more enjoyable. So, let’s dive in!

Selecting A Thread Count For Your Sheets

How tight threads are woven together and the number of threads per square inch in the sheet are referred to as thread count. The higher the thread count, the tighter the weave, the softer the sheet, and the longer it will last.

However, a high thread count doesn’t always mean the sheets are of higher quality. Thread counts can sometimes be a marketing ploy designed to entice you to spend more money. Be cautious of astronomical thread counts in the thousands. Some sheet makers use artificial ways of inflating thread count that usually does not add value nor comfort to a sheet set.

So, when selecting a thread count, aim for a mid-range that feels the most comfortable to you. Having a higher thread count can be good, but you need to check the quality of the overall sheet before making a purchase.

What Is The Best Fabric For Sheets?

The ideal fabric depends on where you reside and what the season is. Usually, people prefer cotton as it's the most abundant soft and breathable material. The softest sheets are typically made from high-quality, long-staple cotton, such as Egyptian or Pima cotton.

Here, cotton blends have a considerable role to play. Cotton percale has an excellent, crisp linen feel, whereas cotton sateen has a satin weave that is smoother to the touch and has a luxurious sheen finish. Flannel cotton is soft and cozy, making it a popular choice for cold-weather climates. If you like T-shirt fabric, consider jersey-knit sheets, which have a lot of stretchy softness and are a little clingy. Having multiple sheet sets on hand to complement your bed as the seasons change is a great idea.

Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are another popular option. Microfiber sheets are made of fibers that are so fine that they can not be drawn naturally. These sheets are made up of a synthetic material that is soft, smooth, and even slippery. It should be noted that microfiber does not have the same crispness as cotton sheets.

Microfiber sheets are ideal if you’re searching for a relatively inexpensive option to match a new room or season. Furthermore, many people prefer its smoother texture. If you are looking for a slick and soft choice for sheets other than cotton, this is a good alternative.

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Which Sheets Require The Least Amount Of Maintenance?

Washing sheets is a non-negotiable, no matter what material or thread count they have. However, some fabrics hold up to being washed better than others. For example, microfiber sheets do not last as long as thicker fabrics because of their delicate nature. Cotton sheets are more durable over a long period and can last for years. Cotton-polyester blends are the easiest to care for and have a wrinkle-free finish. They can, however, be less soft and comfortable. With this in mind, you can swap out your multiple sheet sets accordingly. For instance, you can use cotton sheets regularly, wash them more frequently, and use your microfiber sheets or other sheets with delicate fabrics during special occasions or when a guest visits your place.

Ideal Fitting For Bed Sheets

Like perfectly tailored clothes, bed sheets with a good fit look and feel better. For a snug fit, look for an all-around elastic. Search for sheets with extra depth or length if you feel uncertain about the type of mattress. It's not always a bad idea to size up. Fitted sheets are essential to make your bedding look neat and clean. If you add a mattress topper to a standard mattress, remember to measure the extra depth.

How to Clean Bed Sheets?

After you have chosen and purchased some bedsheets, the next step is to take care of them properly to maintain hygiene and keep them looking fresh. Here are our top 7 tips for keeping your bed sheets looking great year after year!

      • Read the instruction manual that comes with the sheet before using it. This is an essential step because sheets come in different fabrics that require specific care steps.
      • Once a week, wash sheets and pillowcases in cold water with a mild detergent or specialized linen powder.
      • If possible, dissolve the detergent in water before putting the sheets in the washing machine.
      • Bleach should be avoided because it can cause soft cotton sheets to deteriorate. As a less harsh bleach substitute, hydrogen peroxide can be used. Nevertheless, only follow this tip if it's mentioned on the care label.
      • To dry your bed sheets, we recommend using the dryer on high heat. To prevent them from wrinkling, remove them while they are still damp. Allow your sheets to air dry outside if you have a clothesline.
      • Just like your clothes closet, your linen closet also should be cleaned out in the spring. Throw out any worn or greyed bedsheets.
Summing Up

Choosing the right sheets for your bed can be a tough choice. We know that this valuable guide helped you by teaching you some pointers to make shopping less overwhelming. Head over to Home City Inc. here to shop luxurious bedsheets!

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