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Why Choose Home City Inc.

Choosing the right decor can completely transform the atmosphere of your home.

Shopping for various home items like rugs, blankets, and duvets, doesn’t need to be a hassle. At Home City Inc., we strive to make shopping for your home a fun and enjoyable experience.

We get it. Your home desperately needs an update, but you’re on a budget. You have come to the right place!

Our company makes shopping for your home easy and we can guide you through the entire process. We categorize our products by type, fiber content, machine-made versus handcrafted, size, color, and more. This means you will spend less time searching and more time shopping!

We carry a wide range of products, including vintage, modern, and boho designs to match the look and feel of any room.

Who We Are

Our headquarters are based in Edison, New Jersey, with locations in Egypt, China, India, and Turkey. Our main goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality textiles and designs to compliment and complete their home. We have been successfully maintaining the industry's most competitive prices, making it easy on our customers' wallet.

For over two decades, quality has been our top priority. We have maintained the same level of craftsmanship and the same expectation of perfection since day 1. Our knowledge, expertise, experience, and passion has only grown since then

We aim to transform the world with our high-quality décor and first-class service.

What We Provide

We offer a wide variety of bathroom and other home decor-related products to bring your home to the next level. Our product lineup includes the best bath mats, best beach towels, best comforters, best duvet covers, sheer curtains, best sheet sets, and much more! You can explore our exclusive range from our website here.

comforter sets

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Home Decor?

There are many reasons why Home City Inc.is a step above our competition.

Highest Level Of Quality

The difference in our products' quality compared to our competitors is evident. Our years of experience is shown in the quality and craftsmanship of every item we carry. We pay attention to the finest details, ensuring every stitch, hem, and button is perfectly in place. Our products merge contemporary understanding with traditional craftsmanship. All for a fraction of the cost of others.

We provide our customers with the highest quality Egyptian cotton, bamboo, microfiber, and other superior textiles. In addition to our standard designs, we also carry traditional fabrics and patterns such as block and screen prints, tie and dye, and hand embroidery. When you shop with Home City Inc., you will not be disappointed! We also carry other items such as our table collection, cushion coverings, curtains, and floor cushions, and more! Let us help make your house into your home.

Personalized to Fit Your Needs

Following all major international standards and requirements, we have established protocols for importing and exporting the finest materials and items from around the world. We at Home City Inc. are well-equipped to meet all of your ordering needs. We are available to collaborate with you to develop custom solutions or any special requests, such as monogramming or customizing one of our products. Feel free to contact us at customerservice@homecityinc.com or (732) 243-9100 for any personalization inquiries.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


At Home City Inc, we offer rugs, blankets, duvets, towels, among a multitude of other items to help you add exactly what was missing to your home. We pride ourselves in having alluring designs with the highest quality materials available. Contact us or explore the options available on our website to place an order today!

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