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5 Things to Know About Antimicrobial Bed Sheets Sets

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There is no greater feeling than getting a great night's rest. Sleeping well allows your body to unwind, puts your mind to rest, and resets both mind and body for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy sleep cycle boosts energy levels for the day, improves brain function, and elevates overall lifestyle. In order to get a good night's sleep, one must incorporate a night-time routine. Good quality bedding is a vital component of any great sleep routine.

Here’s what to know if you are considering anti-microbial sheets as your next purchase:

Anti-microbial sheets do not pill

Ever lapsed into a set of soft and supple satin sheets only to feel rough pieces of fabric? When the fabric balls start to build up, even the softest sheets become uncomfortable due to pilling.

Sheets sets are made from performance fabric are not just anti-microbial but are also anti-pill when they are cared for properly.

Anti-microbial sheets sets do not shrink or wrinkle

It can be extremely frustrating to have sheets that shrink after a few washes, especially when you struggle to fit them over your mattress properly.

Choosing a brand that specializes in quality bedding ensures that your sheets will withstand the proper care and maintain their shape, color, and size.

Check out the anti-microbial range of bed sheets sets at Home City Inc. that help protect you against dust mites and other allergens. The breathable fabric of these sheets also helps keep you cooler when you sleep, all while fighting mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria.

They are an excellent choice for people with skin conditions

People with sensitive skin, dry skin, or conditions like eczema tend to struggle with finding comfort in their sheets, making their sleep cycle even worse. This happens because many fabrics tend to contain pesticide treatments and chemicals, causing sensitive skin to twinge and become uncomfortable, itchy, and even unbearable at times. Antimicrobial fabrics do not contain any skin irritants, instead they are soft, supple, and easy on all skin types.

They keep the nasty things at bay

Keep those small mites at bay with anti-microbial sheets. Often, people don't realize how much dirt, dust, and pollen piles up on their bed linens. Bedsheets can be home to little living creatures like mildew, mites, and fungus. These colonies of creatures cling to your bedsheets. When you invest in something safe like anti-microbial sheets, you can rest assured that you are going to bed on clean sheets.

They wick away night sweat.

Anti-microbial sheets give you the best of both worlds; it keeps the hot sleeper cool by wicking away sweat and yet provides the same level of comfort to those who tend to be cold during the night. Get your hands on a quality set from Home City Inc.

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What is an anti-microbial bedsheet?

Bedsheets created with a built-in anti-microbial solution seamlessly integrated into the fabric are called anti-microbial bedsheets. This technique provides an inherent layer of protection against mites and inevitable bacteria growth that form with daily use. This technology is a permanent feature of the fabric, preventing the growth of stain and odor-causing microbes that tend to build up on sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. Grab the anti-microbial sheet set from a superior home goods online store like Home City Inc.!

Here's what to know about anti-microbial linens:

1. Why should you invest in anti-microbial linens?

The best part about having microbial linens for your bedding is that it helps slow down or completely stop the spread of certain germs, bacteria, and mites. It's designed with the embedded germ killing properties which prevents the spread of infections and bacteria-borne skin problems.

2. How do anti-microbial linens prevent the spread of diseases?

The anti-microbial technology incorporates the use of silver strands that are even finer than human hair. These silver strands are woven into every piece, responsible for preventing the spread of diseases. Silver carries a positive charge that attracts the bacteria's negative charge, and this union breaks the bacteria's cell wall which destroys the infectious organisms before they can reproduce.

3. Other advantages provided by these anti-microbial linens

Anti-microbial linens can provide protection against acne-causing bacteria, mildew, fungus, odor, and mold apart from infection control. They are incredibly versatile and can easily withstand chemicals like peroxide and bleach.

4. Are they costlier than regular bedsheets?

With its silver addition, anti-microbial fabrics usually cost around 30-50% more than traditional bed sheets. This investment is worth it when you consider that these sheets last up to seven times longer, require less water, and keep your skin free from germs.

Check out the antimicrobial bedsheets at Home City Inc. here now!

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